About Us

Together Redwood Energy has led the design of more than 1500 units of Zero Net Energy, all-electric affordable housing, and 200 all-electric market rate residences. We provide Title 24 modeling, design support and Utility Allowance modeling to create cost-effective Zero Net Energy housing. Our projects range from cottages to high rise residences, commercial spaces and large facilities. Our clients include:

  • Tesla Energy
  • California Energy Commission
  • Affirmed Housing
  • Danco Communities
  • Eden Housing
  • Midpen
  • MRK Partners
  • Mutual Housing California
  • National CORE
  • Pacific Communities
  • Redwood Coast Energy Authority
  • Related Companies
  • Standard Properties
  • Strombeck Properties

Sean Armstrong taught net-zero design at a demonstration house at Humboldt State University from 1999-2002, and has 12,000+ hours of experience as staff Project Manager with affordable housing developers Pacific Communities, Danco Communities, and the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Arcata. Sean was the first developer to use the California Utility Allowance Calculator (CUAC).

Michael Winkler designed and lives in a remodeled Net Zero house, was part of engineering teams that designed one of the nation’s first cell phone systems and the world’s most-efficient hydrogen fuel cell, and has programmed a version of the CUAC that is more accurate with netzero developments. In addition to multiple energy credentials (EIT, CEPE, HERS, BPI), Michael is a software engineer. Michael served for 8 years on the City of Arcata Planning Commission 2 years on the City’s Energy Task Force, and is currently the Mayor of the City of Arcata.

Jenna Bader

Jenna Bader is a Certified Energy Analyst, Green Rater and Zero Net Energy Design Consultant for Residential single family and multifamily buildings. She holds current Certifications as a CABEC Certified Energy Analyst, Build It Green Green Point Rater New Homes Rater, LEED for Homes Green Rater and a Build It Green Certified Green Building Professional. Her experience includes 4 years of energy efficiency and water conservation outreach with PowerSave Campus and 2 years writing Sustainability-driven Building Standards at Humboldt State University where she received a B.S. in Energy and Climate Science in 2014. During her career with Redwood Energy, she has co-authored ZNE Building Codes for a local tribe’s Energy Sovereignty project and authored Green Operations and Maintenance Manuals for (17) Affordable Housing Communities through an Enterprise Green Communities grant. She enjoys beach adventures, homesteading, bicycle riding and being an “Eco-Hero” while converting a short school bus into an eco-friendly adventure mobile.

Emily Higbee has led research in domestic hot water use and modeling, resilient home design for extreme weather events, and facilitates Redwood Energy’s ongoing Zero Emissions Construction Guide Series.  Emily is also the project manager of Redwood Energy’s CEC funded EPIC grant on Central Heat Pump Water Heater Load Flexibility and manages staff researcher projects that cover a wide range of topics on building electrification.

Dylan Anderson is a graduate of the Environmental Science program at Humboldt State, with a focus in Energy and Climate. As a Staff Researcher he helps write reports, compile energy analysis and affordable housing documentation, and find more information on topics and products we want to know more about.

Lynn Brown started with Redwood Energy in 2017 while attending the energy focused engineering program at Humboldt State University.  Projects include the information guides and testing pressure loss through residential pipe fittings.

Richard Thompson  has a Bachelors in Environmental Resources Engineering focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency. After joining Redwood Energy in 2017 he has worked on testing pressure loss through modern pipe fittings, collaborated to create electrification product guides, and streamlined data analysis and visualization of large datasets. He is passionate about electrifying multifamily housing and woodworking.

Johnathan Sander comes from the Sacramento, CA area and is a senior Environmental Engineering student at HSU. He has been working as a staff researcher for Redwood Energy since March of 2019. His areas of research include domestic hot water efficiency, building science, in-home ventilation systems, all-electric kitchens, and consumer electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. His other interests include water and wastewater treatment, solid waste reduction, and sustainable agriculture. When not in school or working, Jonathan likes to play musical instruments, skateboard, read books, hike, and birdwatch.

Rebecca Hueckel is a Humboldt State graduate with a bachelors in Environmental Science: Climate and Energy and a minor in Scientific Diving. Climate change is a problem that needs to be addressed and she is proud to be helping the great minds of today find efficient, effective and practical solutions. Rebecca is dedicated to working on the innovative research that is being done to bring our new and retrofitted buildings to ZNE.

Hannah Cantrell is a Research Assistant at Redwood Energy, originally from Sacramento, California. She is a student-athlete studying Environmental Science with a focus in Energy and Climate, currently in her last year of undergraduate studies at Humboldt State University.

Isabella Barrios Silva is an undergraduate architecture student at UNC Charlotte. She has been working with professors, mentors, and professionals to investigate solar and sustainable strategies within the architecture field. She has also been involved in the NSF I-Corps convention in 2020 to learn about the marketplace within the solar industry and the feasibility of their BIPV facade in the marketplace. 

Romero Perez, is from Santa Maria, California and is studying Environmental Science at Humboldt State University. He is studying Environmental Science because he believes that a cleaner world without fossil fuels.

Anissa Stull is originally from San Diego, California. She is currently in her third year at Humboldt State University studying Environmental Resources Engineering. She is interested in all things renewable energy as well as all electric housing.